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High-quality, timely and comprehensive information is central to business success. Yet many organisations find it difficult to manage it strategically and effectively.

FreePint is unique in connecting its users with ideas, examples, tools and expertise to build and support information strategy.

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Established 1997 Unique and Practical How can we help you?
FreePint began as a free email newsletter, founded by an information professional to promote the importance of information services in organisations.

It has now grown into a worldwide team of information experts and practitioners

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Our content, community and consulting is generated by FreePint Research through its unique position right at the centre of the business information industry.

We receive great feedback from our global audience about the practicality and uniqueness of our output.

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We talk to professionals every day who are battling with the challenges of re-imagining information services.

Let us guide you to the FreePint resources that can help you and your organisation save time with information product evaluations, improve information skills training, align information services with corporate strategy, and much, much more.

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"FreePint's thinking is at the head of, and often ahead of, movement and changes in the world of information."

Global content coordinator, management consultancy
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