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High-quality, timely and comprehensive information is central to business success. Yet many organisations find it difficult to manage it strategically and effectively.

Since its founding in 1997 by a UK information scientist wanting to encourage the sharing of information research skills, FreePint has always tackled emerging challenges and opportunities with a practical, research- and peer-based approach.

Today, our subscription service connects information managers around the globe with the ideas, examples, tools and expertise they need to build and support information strategy in their organisations.

Click to view the About FreePint video

Click to view the About FreePint video

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These critical FreePint Topics drive our commissioning:

FreePint Topic: SourcesStaying informed and aware about sources for business research.

FreePint Topic: TechnologyImproving information work by the application of technology.

FreePint Topic: ValueMaximising the value of information work and investments.


FreePint SubscriptionFreePint Research generates and commissions unique FreePint Subscription content, community and consulting through its unique position and engagement with both the 'buy' and 'sell' sides of the business information industry:

All-original articles, reports and webinars.
In-person and teleconference peer-to-peer Communities of Practice.
One-on-one time with FreePint Research.

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"FreePint's thinking is at the head of, and often ahead of,
movement and changes in the world of information."
Global content coordinator, management consultancy

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