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FreePint maximises the value and visibility of information in organisations by producing content, communities of practice and consulting on three critical FreePint Topics, accessed through a paid FreePint Subscription.

Click to view the About FreePint videoFreePint's all-original articles, reports and webinars are generated and commissioned by FreePint Research, which offers communities of practice and consulting based on its unique position and engagement with both the 'buy' side, and 'sell' side, of the business information industry.


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FreePint Topic: Sources

Staying informed and aware about sources for business research

FreePint Topic: Technology

Improving information work by the application of technology

FreePint Topic: Value

Maximising the value of information work and investments

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FreePint Testimonials
"FreePint's webinars and Communities of Practice are well informed, topical and tailored to our interests, particularly the recent discussion on changes in the field of News Aggregation. I look forward to participating in more of these.

"There are few information resources dedicated to our role as information and knowledge professionals. FreePint has its finger on the pulse and offers great insight into the most important issues affecting us.

"FreePint's articles are short, sharp and pertinent. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use and the subject matter is relevant to me."

Vendor manager, global tax consultancy

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FreePint Topics
Sources: Staying informed and aware
Technology: Improving information work with technology
Value: Maximising value for information work and investment

Who runs FreePint?

FreePint was founded in 1997 by an information scientist with a business information background. Read about the FreePint team and contributors.

Why is it called FreePint?

FreePint was founded in the UK in 1997 as a free email newsletter for People Interested in Net Technologies (pint). The offer of a 'free pint' proved a memorable name.

Is it really free?

Much of the service remains free (e.g., FreePint Blog, Buyer's Guide, Webinars), but the service is supported financially through the sale of FreePint Subscriptions and vendor sponsorship.

Can I contribute content?

Yes, absolutely. Please see the Publish with FreePint page.