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"Participated in two FreePint Communities of Practice sessions: One focussed on Determining, Discussing & Measuring Value of Content, and the other on the Value of News for Awareness and Research. Very practical discussions with peers from other European companies."

Global Head of External Content, Consulting

12th March 2015

"Thank you for coordinating this CoP. My colleague and I both found it quite valuable both in content and in hearing from others. We are looking forward to participating again."

Technical Supervisor, Manufacturing

27th February 2015

"FreePint helps us to reinforce the value which we as information professionals provide and to educate management."

Head of Information and Knowledge Services, Financial Services

17th February 2015

"Thanks for an interesting hour - felt like I was able to step back and think about my profession, vs. only the next task/project. I needed that!"

E-Resource Specialist, Manufacturing

27th January 2015

"I found the webinar very useful and relevant to some of the issues our team are currently facing. The stakeholder map will provide a useful way for our team to think strategically about our internal clients."

Information Analyst, Consulting

19th January 2015

"That was a fabulous session. It confirmed so many things that I've been trying to implement and gave me some new ideas."

Director, Information Resources and Knowledge Management

29th December 2014

"FreePint's COPs and webinar series work well. The format is good. The pre-reading and primed/themed questions give guidance to the session and there is enough time for participation. The COPs create a good forum for open discussion with peers.  Hearing how others are dealing with specific challenges can provoke new ideas, help clarify thinking and occasionally provide a level of confidence in pursuing a particular approach. Access to an interactive session like a FreePint COP provides a rare opportunity to connect with peers globally."

Knowledge Operations Head, Global Professional Services Firm

10th December 2014

"I was very impressed with the quality of the Webinar. I attend a lot of professional webinars and this was one of the best. It was well prepared and presented. The content was valuable and the follow up materials useful. I have recommended a colleague attend too."

Librarian - Utilities company

25th November 2014

"FreePint pulls together everything you need as an information professional. If there were no FreePint we would probably have to go to a number of different places which would be very time-consuming."

Senior Information Officer, Global Manufacturer

17th November 2014

"Loved it. Very impressed. It was great. A very high calibre event. The people participating were of a very high calibre. Felt that the topics covered were good. See FreePint's thinking as being at the head of, and often ahead of, movement/changes in the world of information. Robin's knowledge is very good. The session was well - facilitated. The session would have worked equally well with a slightly larger group. The discussion confirmed a lot of my current thinking. The discussion brought up things for me to take away and think about."

Global Content Co-ordinator, Management Consulting

22nd October 2014

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