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November 2015

"We have enjoyed immensely working with FreePint's consulting team. Their broad experience and practical hands-on approach to strategic challenges have been very valuable to us."

Head of Information Services, Pharmaceuticals

November 2015

"Just read your Alacra Premium review. I thought it was an excellent overview of our product."

Donald Roll, Managing Director - Europe, Alacra

October 2015

"FreePint is a highly valued source of information for information professionals. Keep up the good work!"

Head of Business Information Services, Financial

October 2015

"The examples of testing and ability for [reviewer] Chris Porter to draw from his knowledge of this information market "sector" when comparing/analysing resources are what make the report strong.

Chris also proactively answers questions he knows his users will have, for example I would have asked how Chris believes a well-constructed search compares to Factiva's Corporate Signals in terms of recall and precision, if he had not already answered this question."

Electronic Resource Specialist, Manufacturing

September 2015

"I found the Communities of Practice session one of the most valuable I have attended. It's helpful to talk to so many people who worry about the sorts of things that I do, like how to get the best value for the organisations we work for. You get that breadth of experience and elicit those shared agendas. There are some things that we all struggle with, and hearing what other people have tried that works or doesn't work always saves me a lot of time and energy. It's always an inspiration to hear what you've learned in your research, and also from my colleagues in similar organisations."

Director, Scientific Knowledge Services, Agriculture

September 2015

"Thanks for running this session. I thought it was useful."

Director, Information Resources and Knowledge Management, Professional services

August 2015

"I just wanted to let you know that I found this quick webinar very informative! I'm happy that I made time to attend. Thanks for the reminders and links that you sent prior to the session."

Research Specialist, Government

August 2015

"We value direct contact with the Director of Research."

Head of Information and Knowledge Services, Financial Services

July 2015

"Another superb session - thank you so much! You articulated a lot of what our thinking is at the moment and gave some great pointers about how we should channel our investigations over the next few months. We're really digging into the 'why pay for news' conundrum at the moment so your materials will really help."

Operations Leader for Acquired External Content, Global consultancy

July 2015

"Every time I go into the collection, I find something useful."

Head of Knowledge Services, Global finance

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