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"The CoP provides a great opportunity to talk, listen and share ideas. It is beneficial to get input from peers. You do pick up feedback from peers but there is real value in getting everyone together to talk about a single subject in depth. It is reassuring to find that the approach you have adopted is in line with some of the best solutions out there. The meeting was just the right size. I liked the format."

Library and Information Services Manager, Global Professional Services Firm

March 2014

"Re In-person CoP...... I also like the hand-outs as a lot of thought has gone into creating a simple-looking grid of things to consider."

Senior Researcher, Global Professional Services Firm

March 2014

"I most value FreePint's Source coverage, particularly alerts on new product and vendors, plus recommendations on source/product relevance to markets.

"FreePint is 'doing a good job for a good price'."

Senior Information Specialist, Global Science Company

February 2014

"Attending the in person CoP gave me the opportunity to step back and think a little bit differently about how to get things done."

Senior Researcher, Management Consulting

February 2014

"FreePint's people are excellent. They are reliable, informed and educated about content and provide me with a level of confidence in my own knowledge and expertise.

"FreePint is a team I can call on at any time. They are like an extra team member who is always there and knows nearly everything."

Director Global Knowledge

January 2014

"FreePint is very practical and provides clear actionable advice based on real life case studies.

"ROI articles are really helpful when looking to demonstrate the value of information."

Senior Information Officer

January 2014

"There is no equivalent single source alternative for FreePint and all the topics it covers. FreePint covers everything in one place. FreePint saves considerable time and resource in seeking out the same level of information from multiple sources.

"The CoPs are well run and well facilitated with a lot of different people given the opportunity to speak. There always seem to be a number of long-standing, experienced information professionals on the calls."

Global Content Lead

December 2013

"FreePint offers a perspective that we can trust. The writers really know what they are talking about and understand what we do.

"There are only so many ways to curate the information. FreePint's topics are broken out clearly, the service is easy to navigate and the cadence of coverage is just right."

Head of Information and Knowledge Services

November 2013

"Thank you for making it possible for me to join the Community of Practice call at short notice yesterday. As always, it was very informative and interesting!"

Senior Executive for Knowledge and Records, international insurance company 

October 2013

"FreePint is very practical and provides clear, actionable advice based on real-life case studies.

"Coverage of such topics as Big Data, the social enterprise and mobile content has been particularly useful. Also, the articles on ROI have been helpful in demonstrating the value of information.

"FreePint pulls together everything I need as an information professional. Without FreePint, I would have to go to a number of different places to get the same insight - and for some topics it simply wouldn’t be available."

Information Officer, multinational consumer goods manufacturing company

September 2013

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"The CoP provides a great opportunity to talk, listen and share ideas. It is beneficial to get input from peers. You do pick up feedback from ... more »


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