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"First of all, let me thank you for your time in reviewing PharmaCircle. We certainly appreciate your effort, comments and professionalism. We are looking at your valuable feedback to improve our system even further."

Kurt Sedo, Vice President, PharmaCircle

29th September 2014

"FreePint is the only industry publication for information professionals and it covers most of the things that an information professional needs. A must-read if you work in information."

Global Content Lead, Management Consulting

19th September 2014

"As a service providing practical support and guidance for what professionals do FreePint is pretty unique and decent value for money."

Executive Director, Financial Services

26th August 2014

"FreePint's CoPs are: 'extremely relevant' and 'well worth attending'."

Information Centre Manager, Financial, Government

8th August 2014

"The information is balanced, unbiased and actionable. One of the very few places you can turn to for 'real world experience'."

Head of Information and Knowledge Services, Financial Services

30th July 2014

"FreePint is timely and responsive to topical issues. The service offers a really good catch-all for news and pointers on sources that you would otherwise not hear of. Tim Buckley Owen was on point with valuable insight within a couple of days of the Factiva change surfacing."

Knowledge Operations Head, Global Professional Services Firm

16th July 2014

"It was really useful to get so much input from customers and hear their perspective - I have come into the office this morning full of things covered in the discussion and thinking about how we can learn from, and apply, what was shared."

Louise Green, Group Marketing Manager, Publishing

24th June 2014

"FreePint's comprehensive vendor coverage saves considerable time when researching sources. It is also helpful to be able to get information on sources anonymously and without triggering a sales visit from a vendor. This frees up time for internal due diligence. The alternative would be to log onto each individual source website, have demos at an early stage etc."

Knowledge Operations Head, Global Professional Services Firm

13th June 2014

"I just spent some highly productive time on the FreePint site. In particular, I was reading articles from the Social Enterprise topic and also your excellent analysis of Lex Fenwick's resignation.

"The articles are right on target and are information that we very much need."

Chief Librarian, Financial (Government)

21st May 2014

"I am not tolerant of calls and meetings that waste my time, so when I say I found this [Communities of Practice] call valuable, I really did."

Head of Knowledge Management, Global Professional Services Firm

30th April 2014

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