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"The Webinars and Communities of Practice are really good. The recent News Aggregation call was well facilitated and extremely valuable."

Head of Information and Knowledge Services

27th May 2015

 "We really appreciate you spending time to dig in to our product and our company. I certainly appreciate the favorable comments and believe the review is comprehensive, very fair and measured."

Derek Slayton, CMO, NetProspex

19th May 2015

"It was a very useful CoP session. For the team I'm working with, we are constantly thinking what our added value is to the business and how we can reach our stakeholders in a most efficient and effective way. The models that were used during the CoP session can help us with that."

Content Manager, Consulting

28th April 2015

"It was great to hear my peer's stories and really to get confirmation that everyone experiences the same struggles. I came away with the positive effects of knowledge sharing and having grown my network. It was structured well and kept the conversation flowing and on-track, giving everyone an opportunity to speak."

Resources Manager, Consulting

16th April 2015

"I loved the experience and truly felt inspired. My experience with the FreePint Communities of Practice session has gotten me to think in ways I've never thought before. It was a nice way to get out of my work rut of putting out fires and be reminded of the bigger picture of my purpose"

Manager, Library Services

27th March 2015

"Participated in two FreePint Communities of Practice sessions: One focussed on Determining, Discussing & Measuring Value of Content, and the other on the Value of News for Awareness and Research. Very practical discussions with peers from other European companies."

Global Head of External Content, Consulting

12th March 2015

"Thank you for coordinating this CoP. My colleague and I both found it quite valuable both in content and in hearing from others. We are looking forward to participating again."

Technical Supervisor, Manufacturing

27th February 2015

"FreePint helps us to reinforce the value which we as information professionals provide and to educate management."

Head of Information and Knowledge Services, Financial Services

17th February 2015

"Thanks for an interesting hour - felt like I was able to step back and think about my profession, vs. only the next task/project. I needed that!"

E-Resource Specialist, Manufacturing

27th January 2015

"I found the webinar very useful and relevant to some of the issues our team are currently facing. The stakeholder map will provide a useful way for our team to think strategically about our internal clients."

Information Analyst, Consulting

19th January 2015

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