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The most recent issue of VIP Magazine (71) contains a summary of the report on Capital IQ, which provides business research and analysis. Its data includes financial information, executive contacts and profiles, merger and acquisition activity, and research reports. In addition, the company provides data feeds and software applications to help its customers organise and sift through the data. There are 58,000 public companies, 14,000 private equity firms, 1.5 million private companies and over 1.9 million individuals in the database. Capital IQ reckons to cover 99% of public companies worldwide. Capital IQ claims to serve over 4,000 clients, including almost every major investment bank and corporate finance advisory firm, several hundred hedge funds and private capital firms, and accounting, consulting, corporate law, and executive search firms. The primary users for the platform are credit analysts, consultants and advisers, wealth managers, investment bankers, investment managers, and research analysts. This service is not aimed at information professionals, although it contains information which is also of use to the information professional. Capital IQ is very useful as a tool for analysing company filings creating charts and reports, and building financial models for comparables analysis, valuation analysis, transaction scenarios, and various other situations. Its particular strength is the depth of the information provided, and the level of analysis available to the user. VIP Report: Product Review of Capital IQ, by Diana Nutting, is now available for purchase: Purchase VIP Magazine Issue No. 71, October 2009, and receive the full VIP Report: Product Review of Capital IQ as part of your purchase: (Also included in this issue: VIP Report: Product Review of Digimind 7 )


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