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Business Monitor International (BMI) is a UK company founded in 1984, which provides data, analysis, ratings and forecasts on country risk and industry sectors. Its hard copy reports have been well known for some years, and a review in the latest VIP looks at the online version. BMI's country risk and macroeconomic forecast portfolio includes Daily Alerts, weekly financial market reports, monthly regional Monitors, and in-depth quarterly Business Forecast Reports. Its Industry Analysis covers a total of 24 industries through a range of services, including Daily Alerts, monthly Regional Insights, and in-depth quarterly Country Sector Reports, while the Company Intelligence service profiles top multinational and national companies operating across more than 92 major emerging markets and 34 industries worldwide. The base information in Business Monitor International comes from a wide variety of sources, including central banks, statistical agencies and other primary data sources. For example for the automobile industry, as well as government departments and official company reports, BMI relies on the International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), other established think tanks, institutes, and international and national news agencies. The value added is the level of analysis by BMI staff. This product is aimed at analysts and researchers in businesses, banks, financial service companies, governments, academia and research centres. The information on the Business Monitor International online service is divided into three main areas Country Risk and Forecast for 175 countries including daily news, risk ratings, macroeconomic forecasts, and financial markets analysis. The service combines daily alerts from BMI’s treasuries and capital markets team, and comparative risk ratings, macroeconomic analyses and forecasts, and industry profiles from its team of country economists. There are analyses and strategy reviews of fixed income, equity and currency developments across capital markets; monthly and quarterly macroeconomic forecasts over a 2-, 5- and 10-year horizon; country-comparative risk ratings, and competitive benchmarking of the business operating environment. Company Research and Intelligence which includes news and analysis for competitive intelligence It includes multinational company profiles and site networks; competitive intelligence covering sales volume, employee size, ownership structure, foreign direct investment and project activity, and analysis of latest company developments. Industry and Market Research for 24 industry sectors, providing daily news reports; BMI’s independent 5-year forecasts and key assumptions for production, sales, price, exports, imports and employment, indicators across segments of each industry; analysis of latest industry trends and prospects; competitive intelligence on leading players, and monitoring of the regulatory environment. Purchase the full report reviewing Business Monitor International: Save money by purchasing VIP Issue No. 73, December 2009, which includes this full report, as well at the report on Pipeline:


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