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This month’s VIP Magazine includes product reviews of two ISI Emerging Market products, which, between them, provide comprehensive coverage of Chinese business, financial and industry information.

If you require access to all Chinese macroeconomic and industry time series, then CEIC’s China Premium Database is the source for you. The database goes back as far as 1949 and provides access to every economic dataset published in China, covering all regions, counties and more than 280 cities. Industry data too, is comprehensive: CEIC provides industrial output data on a monthly basis and industry financial data for hundreds of products. All series are uploaded as they are released and are organised systematically, making comparisons for report purposes an easy task.

ISI’s other China product is part of the company’s EMIS (Emerging Markets Information Service) flagship service, and like all country coverage within EMIS, the China service acts as a vertical information portal, providing company, industry, financial and macroeconomic information, as well as business news from a range of ISI and external sources. EMIS China can be searched in English, traditional and simplified Chinese.

News coverage is supplied by more than 350 Chinese publications and more than 100 global publishers, whereas industry analysis is provided by Chinese and non-Chinese associations, government bodies and NGOs. Market research reports are supplied by well-respected publishers such as Datamonitor and Espicom amongst others. These reports and broker research provide economic and industry forecasts. China watchers will be particularly interested in EMIS China’s categories covering foreign direct investment, business opportunities and legal news.

The company section of EMIS has comprehensive data for all listed Chinese companies – private company data is deemed too sensitive by the Chinese government – and includes information on mergers & acquisitions activity by industry. A price database for industrial products and statistics from all four Chinese stock indices completes EMIS China’s impressive coverage. The portal even provides a translation facility for news articles and includes useful features such as a report builder for customising reports.

While EMIS is a one-stop shop for information on all aspects of Chinese business and finance, past and future, the CEIC China Premium Database is an invaluable in-depth macroeconomic tool best used for historical analysis. In all, both products provide users of Chinese information with all they need for a complete business and financial picture of the country.

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