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Wednesday, 12th October 2011 Please login top-right to be able to star items

By Leah Pellegrino


When I was given the chance to review Infotrieve’s Mobile Library app, and told that the vendor would let me borrow an iPad to do it – I jumped at the offer. What is Mobile Library? It’s a new app from Infotrieve, a company specialising in document delivery business service solutions for information centres in middle and large market corporations.

The Mobile Library App for iPad was released in September 2010. It allows users secure cloud-based access to order and read all licensed content from anywhere, and also get access to one of the largest collections of scientific, technical and medical (STM) literature. Mobile Library is integrated with the company’s Content SCM platform and gives users the ability to switch easily from the iPad to their PC or Mac, since all platforms are automatically synchronised. Users can also share content with others, annotate content and set up a variety of automatic RSS feeds to stay current.

This product features:

  • An organised and simple interface that is easy to navigate  
  • A variety of search options (from keywords to exact titles, genres or standard numbers) to locate the documents you want easily
  • Easy to set up alerts and custom links that allow you to keep up with various developments or news stories of interest. There’s no limit to how many you can set up
  • An ability to set up folders for grouping documents and sharing them with others in your organisation who can view them and add notes or commentary
  • An ordering system that’s easy to use, and a fast turn-around time for ordered documents
  • Access to a vast amount of licensed content available from a large pool of STM publishers
  • The ability to easily switch between your iPad and your PC or Mac, since all platforms are automatically synchronised.

Pricing for the Mobile Library app is based upon the size of the organisation. Prices for document delivery service range from $14.00-$20 per article, (US, Canada, Mexico and Australia). International fees range from $15.00-$21.00 per article. These are base fees. Additional delivery fees and copyright fees may also be included. The company also offers “rush” and “panic” services for additional fees.

Mobile Library allows you to order and read documents from anywhere, organise them in ways that suit your needs, and share them with others who are collaborating on projects with you. The strength of this product is its user-friendliness and the ability to locate, order and download documents you need quickly while staying compliant with copyright and licensing requirements. This functionality, along with the ability to search the web and set up alerts easily is what customers are demanding in today’s fast-paced increasingly mobile research environment.

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Leah Pellegrino is a professional librarian currently working in an academic library. She specialises in organising and providing access to content from a variety of print and electronic resources. Leah recently completed a graduate certificate in Paralegal Studies from the George Washington University and has a keen interest in legal research and resources. She is currently a member of the American Library Association, the Law Librarian's Society of Washington, DC, and the National Capital Area Paralegal Association.

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