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My recent product review of Digimind 9 from Digimind allowed me to test drive a product with which I was not familiar, but one that those who work in marketing intelligence may well know.


My recent product review of Digimind 9 ( from Digimind allowed me to test drive a product with which I was not familiar, but one that those who work in marketing intelligence may well know. Headquartered in Paris, the company and the product have a global presence in terms of users and content. Digimind can serve anyone working in marketing intelligence, market research, competitive intelligence and marketing strategy.

The product provides a streamlined, time efficient process to search, monitor, manage, analyse and disseminate market and competitive intelligence information. It allows easy monitoring of competition, market data, technical innovation and more. It not only scans the world of the web and social media to provide and display information, but also helps to translate that secondary data into meaningful content in a context that is visually pleasing.

A key differentiation of Digimind is that it is much more than a content provider or aggregator. As a software package, the product actually allows users to customise the product by adding sources that they know will be useful for their own needs. The back end of the software consists of a sophisticated set of algorithms that automates this customised process once a user has taken the time initially to set up the searches and added their own sources to the core product.

The core database of content includes blogs, social networks, events, financial news, web forums, jobs, microblogs, patents, people, associations, science journals, search engines and more. There is even real-time data available from some sources such as news feeds, making the product even more valuable for those who need to be kept alerted to updates quickly. A wonderful infographic of the Top Pharma & Healthcare Sources will give you the flavour of the diversity and robustness of this product.

Digimind provides a variety of ways to search, monitor, display and share information providing flexibility and customisation for users’ needs. Tools to aid in benchmarking and monitoring companies using a SWOT analysis are just two highlights of the product. Digimind 9 also offers easy to read visual displays of data. The customised dashboard excels in the intuitive visuals that can be easily inserted into reports or shared with others.

While the content is robust, the current product interface is not as intuitive as it might be. The developers and the company acknowledge this and plan to iron out some of the ambiguities of the search and inconsistencies of terms soon. Digimind is a product that requires new users to invest some time in the training but in my opinion, the time will be worth it. The company currently has 200 plus subscribers for the product and in 2007 it won the European Information and Communication Technologies Prize, the most distinguished award for innovative products and services.

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