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The latest articles for professionals working in competitive intelligence, internal communications, intranet management, knowledge management, external communications and research.


Welcome to the first issue of the Information Practice Newsletter, a free twice-monthly update on the latest FreePint articles and reports to support all the ways you and your colleagues interact with information. This is the newsletter for you if your job involves competitive intelligence, internal communications, intranet management, knowledge management, external communications and/or research.

Yes, that's a broad list, and it speaks to the diversity of jobs in which information skills are essential. Regardless of your job title, it's likely that the ways you work with and rely on information grow and change every year.

Practitioners of competitive intelligence and other researchers will find recent product reviews of interest -- the Northern Light Discovery Portal is the focus of a mini-review by CI professional and consultant Yulia Aspinall, and Profound from got the full-detail treatment by Jenny Robertson. 

The theme of collaboration is one that's important to a number of job functions. In intranet management, internal communications and knowledge management, find expert commentary on the latest collaborative tools for project management, as well as the recent acquisition by Microsoft of Yammer. One contributing editor, James Mullan, provides provocative commentary on the need to address your culture with regard to collaboration, to avoid turning your software into "shelfware".

Most of us are still largely reliant on text-based resources, but some publishers are incorporating images more into their offerings. Read about how these might enhance research, per commentary by contributing editor Tim Buckley Owen.

This new Information Practice Newsletter is part of the overall evolution of FreePint's offerings, described in this article. If you'd like more information about the changes and how they might apply to the value of information in your organisation, take a minute to complete the online form, "How can FreePint help?"

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