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Past FreePint customers get expanded access and new features with the newly redeveloped FreePint Subscription. This brief video explains the changes.


We've released important changes to your FreePint premium content in July 2012, as we described to you earlier in the month.

If you've had a paid subscription to one of our other brands (formerly VIP and FUMSI) and want a summary of what's changed, this brief video will help:

If you cannot see the above video, please try on our hosted service.

As I've presented this information to customers in one-on-one and small-group meetings, they've been pleased at the increased clarity and simplicity of the FreePint Subscription due to:

  • Consolidation: Everything is included in a single FreePint Subscription
  • Inclusivity: If you subscribe, you have access to everything we publish, including the archive
  • Flexibility: We've opened up the ability to share individual articles and reports with colleagues at your organisation

Get a personal tour

Current customers can get a personal tour by emailing me at

Not yet a subscriber? Start the process by completing our online form, "How can FreePint help?"


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