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Changes to organisational structures, homeworking and the impact of technology have created a very different work environment for youngsters graduating today compared to those who entered the world of work just five years ago. Director of Research at FreePint, Robin Neidorf, explains why it's essential for 21st century workers to be perpetual learners.


It makes me a wee bit crazy (crazier?) when I hear of young people choosing a programme of study because it claims to provide practical training for the workplace. Yes, there are both theoretical and practical skills that young graduates should know in order to enter the work environment. But the most important foundation for their careers is one that is never - I think - emphasised enough: the ability to be perpetual learners.

Work today necessitates knowledge of a vast array of different requirements, many more than it did even five years ago, and the pace of change shows no sign of slowing down. The ability to learn new ideas and skills and adapt them to an ever-changing workplace needs to be on every worker's CV. And the hiring strategy for every organisation that desires long-term resilience needs to include finding and cultivating people with these abilities.

The learning-focused organisation is a special interest of mine and has most recently resulted in my editorial for this month's FreePint Report: Knowledge Management, as well as the establishment of a special page on FreePint to document commentary about learning (especially distance learning). I'd love to hear from you about how your organisation is making formal and informal learning part of its long-term strategies.

Of course, we hope that FreePint itself is part of your learning strategy, given the critical importance that information and information-related skills play in business success. This issue of FreePint offers shareable insights on knowledge sharing (see what I did there?) and information overload, as well as new reports on Linex Systems and BvD's Mint, and early results from our annual survey on news needs and preferences.

Whatever kind of learning you need, I hope you'll find assistance through FreePint. Register for upcoming free webinars on how to conduct research on private companies and understanding the value of scientific and technical information for "the rest of us".

Coming soon in 2013: learning-focused communities of practice, solely for FreePint subscription holders - yet another reason to make FreePint part of your 2013 plans. If you haven't yet done so, please complete our online form, "How can FreePint help?" to start the process of making our resources part of your organisation's learning.


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