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Monday, 10th December 2012 Please login top-right to be able to star items

By Fokkelien Fink


Vendors of content products and services prove to be active users of their FreePint Subscriptions for competitive intelligence, product strategy and industry insight. Recent account reviews of several vendors show what articles and reports their members of staff are interested in and how FreePint may be contributing to their approach to the market.


The aim of FreePint's editorial focus is to support content buyers and users, and help them raise the value of information in their organisations. Along the way, however, many vendors and publishers have discovered in FreePint a valuable tool for understanding their customers, the competitive landscape and the market in general.

As part of some recent account research to support our vendor customers, our Director of Research, Robin Neidorf, pulled usage information to understand how different members of staff within vendor organisations are using FreePint.

Members of staff within vendor organisations rely on FreePint for a number of purposes:

  • Competitive intelligence: Product reviews; news about competitors; overall industry M&A, product and company coverage
  • Product development: Insight into best practices and desired features for products, from buyers' perspectives; understanding of how corporate buyers are integrating products into their environments to improve user experience, workflow and integration
  • Strategy and innovation: Where is the industry heading? What do buyers and information strategists want their information environment to look at behave like? What gaps and opportunities are emerging in the market?
  • Sales, marketing and business development: What language do buyers use about their information resources? What products are they looking at, using or letting go of? What partnership or acquisition opportunities exist, for content or technology?

Within most vendor customers, the heaviest users are in marketing or competitive intelligence, followed by product development or strategy. (The very largest vendors also have internal libraries and licenses that enable them to place all FreePint materials directly into those libraries for global access.) 

Over the past 60 days, the following articles and reports have been most viewed and downloaded by users within vendor organisations:




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Fokkelien Fink recently joined FreePint and is responsible for managing content sales and growing a global client base. Fokkelien is a seasoned international sales professional with over 20 years' experience with such suppliers as LexisNexis, The Financial Times and Acquire Media. Her client base has included global and multi-industry firms, with a focus on enterprise and innovative agreements that suit the unique needs of the organisation. Through her close partnership with customers, Fokkelien contributes to FreePint product development. She aims to maximise client benefit and continually explores ways to optimise the FreePint experience. Originally from the Netherlands, she is multi-lingual (Dutch and German) and has enjoyed being a global liaison throughout her career.

Fokkelien can be reached at

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