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2011 saw a significant step forward in the evolution of including the launch of an iPad application and the addition of 19 million company profiles. Andrew Grave investigates whether Factiva has been able to maintain the momentum in 2012.


2011 saw a major step forward in the evolution of 19 million company profiles, 5,000 websites, content in Arabic, and Middle Eastern content were all added alongside the launch of an iPad application

In my review of, I learnt that Factiva’s description of the product has evolved from "The Intelligence Engine" to the less daunting "Easy Intelligence". This might suggest a focus on less intense users but I did not find this to be the case. Search Builder remains a cornerstone of the product together with the Factiva Field Tags and Dow Jones Intelligent Indexing. There have been several enhancements. A beta tool called Concepts Explorer has been introduced which suggests associated terms you may wish to incorporate into your search. The page also stores your last 100 searches.

There is also the ability to search for “newly added social media”. How many blogs and message boards does this search? 20 million! It’s not a typo. When conducting a search or setting up an alert, a user just needs to tick a box and spiders out from its own database to seek content from around 20 million selected blogs and message boards on the web.

Factiva has also added an edited selection of Twitter feeds. Investment in premium content continues and two more languages have been added, bringing the total to 28.

The Simple Search page now provides access to SnapShots and various improvements have been made to enhance their look and feel and usability.

In my review of the product, I found a few areas where I felt Factiva could do better and discovered some of its less well-known tools. I discuss these in my in-depth review.

Whilst 2011 was a big year for, the addition of the vast array of new media content this year is a genuinely big step forward for the platform and a very welcome one for 2012.

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