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A flurry of mini reviews on a number of new products provides FreePint Subscribers with a glimpse into what the information publishing world considers "product excellence". These articles, being published now through early February, share quick insights from our researchers on sources, content, favourite features, outputs and usability.


FreePint's product reviews are one of my favourite types of content to produce. I love learning about new products, exploring how publishers are combining software and content, and providing our subscribers with in-depth reports that save them time. But not every product warrants a full review, and sometimes the combination of researcher availability, vendor willingness and production schedules also make it difficult to cover a product in-depth.

So now mini reviews are also one of my favourite types of content - shorter reviews (1500 words rather than 5000 words) - focusing on what's particularly unique or unusual about a product. And right now, we've got a particularly strong crop of mini reviews recently published or in the works.

Already published are reviews of Infotrieve's Mobile Library Rx, Cortera Pulse, Workshare and Keylight. FreePint Subscribers can login to find out what our reviewers think (and if you're not a subscriber, complete our online form, "How can FreePint help?" to start the conversation). Coming shortly are mini reviews of Udini (ProQuest), Safari Books Online, Lexis Analyzer, Lexis Advance, Web Preserver, and Control Point. 

Why the embarrassment of riches? Through a great partnership with our friends at the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), I'm delighted that we have access to the finalists in the CODiE awards, recognising product excellence. This series of mini reviews offers a unique glimpse into the workings of the finalists in key categories, such as Best Legal Information Solution and Best Media Monitoring Solution. As we complete mini reviews of all finalists in a category, watch for summary commentary about where the category is heading, as well as ways we'd like to see publishers continue to evolve.

We'll be back to normal reviews next month, but in the meantime, it's been enjoyable and interesting to have quick insights on such a wide range of products. I'm already at work identifying the next round of mini reviews and welcome your suggestions.

I'll be in New York next week for the Information Industry Summit, including the CODiE awards luncheon, and I'll report back on the winners. But which products earn your vote for excellence? If there's one (or more) we should be sharing with FreePint readers, please contact us to let us know.


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