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Wednesday, 6th February 2013 Please login top-right to be able to star items

By Fokkelien Fink


Reduce inbox overload and your own frustration by learning which FreePint Updates are most relevant to you ... and then ditch the rest.


Are you trying to reduce your inbox clutter? Join the club. I think I've unsubscribed from more than a dozen newsletters and alerts since the start of 2013. My rule has been: If I don't read three issues in a row, it's time to unsubscribe.

The FreePint Newsletter has been coming out twice a month since 1997. In Internet years, that's like the beginning of time. (Well, not quite, but it is right around the beginning of Google, which is close to the same thing.)

We've also supplemented the Newsletter with two other twice-monthlies: the Information Practice Update and the Information Content Update.

Feeling overwhelmed? You don't have to get them all to stay informed about what's most relevant to you in FreePint. Here's how to choose your best option:

Hands-On Research, Knowledge Management, Information Work

Are you the hands-on type? Always working on information projects rather than managing them? Then you are likely to find what in you need in the Information Practice Update.

This twice-monthly mailing provides a list of every article and report we've published in the past two weeks that relate to the following types of work (which are FreePint Article Categories):

If any of those describe your work, this Update will keep you informed.

Contract Management, Product Evaluation and Information Strategy

Are you responsible for some or all of your organisation's content budget? Are you part of discussions and cross-departmental working groups on strategic topics like ROI of information services, mobile deployment of content and regulatory compliance relating to information?

If so, then the Information Content Update will provide you what you need to know.

Also a twice-monthly mailing (in alternate weeks to the Information Practice Update), the Information Content Update highlights articles and reports that relate to these job functions:

Too Much Detail; Make It Simpler

We've introduced these Updates to support readers who want to focus their attention on specific sections of our collection. But the simplest way to stay informed is to register to receive the FreePint Newsletter.

This "umbrella" publication provides links to all articles and reports published since the last issue, plus popular features like My Favourite Tipples and Jinfo Jobs and Events.

If you've missed an issue, you can always find it in the FreePint Newsletter Archive.

So if you're a fan of simplicity, ditch the Updates and stick with the tried-and-true FreePint Newsletter: Dedicate 5 to 10 minutes twice a month to scanning your eye over it, and you'll never miss new publications from FreePint.

Registering or Making Changes

You can register to receive any of our free updates or the FreePint Newsletter at any time - you don't have to be a paying subscriber to stay informed. (And we hope that if you see content of interest, you'll learn more about starting a FreePint Subscription.)

If you are already receiving updates or the Newsletter and want to change your preferences, login to your account at MyFreePint to adjust your settings. (If you've forgotten your password, you can request it from our site.)

Any trouble? Please email our support team at, or use the Live Support chat function during UK business hours.


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Fokkelien Fink recently joined FreePint and is responsible for managing content sales and growing a global client base. Fokkelien is a seasoned international sales professional with over 20 years' experience with such suppliers as LexisNexis, The Financial Times and Acquire Media. Her client base has included global and multi-industry firms, with a focus on enterprise and innovative agreements that suit the unique needs of the organisation. Through her close partnership with customers, Fokkelien contributes to FreePint product development. She aims to maximise client benefit and continually explores ways to optimise the FreePint experience. Originally from the Netherlands, she is multi-lingual (Dutch and German) and has enjoyed being a global liaison throughout her career.

Fokkelien can be reached at

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