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Monday, 18th February 2013 Please login top-right to be able to star items

By Robin Neidorf


"Big Data" is the buzz word du jour, but what does it mean and what can it do in B2B environmments? FreePint intends to find out and share the insight to help with the questions we've been hearing from information managers and strategists. Starting in April 2013, watch for a special series of articles, reports and webinars under the heading of "Big Data in Action"; learn more about this FreePint approach to support your education.


When I asked customers near the end of 2012 what big-picture projects they had planned for 2013, a common theme quickly emerged: Most of them mentioned "Big Data", in some way, shape or form.

"What do you mean by Big Data?" I asked. 

"I'm not sure yet," was the frequent reply.

The power of a catchy phrase is clearly at work here. As more than one industry observer has pointed out to me, the concepts and technologies behind "Big Data" have been around for years under different names, but its the term that's really caught on. Simple enough to catch the attention of executives; vague enough that most people really haven't a clue of what it means and how to apply the concept for business outcomes.

But What Does It Do?

Big Data refers to technology that enables automatic processing of vast amounts of data. It harnesses the power of the enormous volume of information constantly being created. Web sites. Blog comments. Social media sharing. Stock price quotes. Email servers. All that activity can be processed, organised, analysed and visualised if you know what you want to do with it and have some robust software to support you.

Still too abstract? It is for a lot of people. That's why FreePint is now developing a series of articles, reports and webinars for April and May of 2013 that provide real-world examples of B2B applications of Big Data.

Big Data in Action: What Corporations Actually Accomplish

The "Big Data in Action" series offers a range of educational resources, whether you are actively working on projects, responding to queries from other departments, or just trying to get your head around the buzz word du jour. Watch for:

  • Case studies showing corporate development of competitive intelligence, risk management, market analysis, knowledge management and more
  • Q&A with your peers on what they're working on with regards to Big Data
  • Profiles of software companies and service provides who can help you figure out how to turn a vague phrase into action and outcomes

I'm excited to be researching and commissioning these articles and reports now, and very much looking forward to the Big Data in Action panel, a FreePint Webinar featuring examples and "how we did it" stories from both vendors and buyers.

Share Your Story... or Your Questions

If you have a Big Data in Action story to tell, complete our contact form, and I'll be in touch to learn more. Your experience might turn into a feature, a panel slot, a Q&A or a case study. 

If you have questions you've been afraid to ask, let me know -- I'll do my best to put the resources of FreePint behind answering them. 

A favourite vendor to highlight... or to ask us to do the heavy lifting on learning about? Let me know.

Submit all suggestions, questions and examples via our contact form, or email me directly at

Bring on Big Data in Action. Coming in April 2013.


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Robin has been working with FreePint since 2004, and, since joining full time in 2006, is responsible for strategic planning, product development, relationship management, research and communications. She currently heads the FreePint Research division.

Robin Neidorf ran a research and communications consulting business for 10 years, prior to joining Free Pint Limited. As a consultant, she focused on strategic planning, using information to make better decisions, and creating effective audience-focused communications across different media.

Robin has worked with a wide range of organisations in the for-profit and non-profit sector. She has developed online communities, publications and distance learning modules for a range of business purposes. She is the author of Teach Beyond Your Reach: An instructor's guide to developing and running successful distance learning classes, workshops, training sessions and more (second edition, Cyber Age, 2012) and the co-author of E-Merchant: Retail Strategies for e-Commerce (Addison-Wesley, 2001).

Robin can be reached at

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