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Robin Neidorf considers the role of teams within and between departments and explores how a FreePint Team Subscription can support learning, increase collaboration, and aid the organisation's overall understanding of critical information-related challenges and opportunities. And don't miss out on the special offer!


As a busy professional, you know that a well-designed team can make you all exponentially more productive than you'd each be on your own. There's something transformative about shared responsibilities and complementary skills.

The Team level of the FreePint Subscription is designed to support that collaborative, complementary system.

Over the past 15 years, information centres have been redesigned and renamed, or even dismantled, to reflect changing priorities and approaches to managing information. At the same time, the substance of information work has been transformed: all knowledge workers need at least baseline information skills, and information professionals need a far more strategic view of and input into business goals and operations. The need for close collaboration between such areas as IS, IT, training, communications, strategy and compliance has never been greater.

The Team level of the FreePint Subscription enables full access to the entire database of our articles and reports for you and three more of your staff.

Even better, each of you can furthermore share every article and report with anyone else in the organisation, putting relevant and practical items in the hands of colleagues to support their learning, ability to collaborate, and overall understanding of critical information-related challenges and opportunities.

Consider how the articles and reports we've published in the past two weeks could raise the value of information in your organisation:

Information Skills


Product Awareness

Information Strategy and Policy

These individual recent items are only the latest additions to the rich resources within FreePint. Each article and report links to related items, access to all of which are included in your subscription.

For only £1800 (around $2,700) - less than the cost of sending you and your three colleagues to a single professional development workshop - your entire organisation can benefit from the FreePint Subscription for a full year. Team access does far more than support information professionals; it raises your visibility and value, while supporting strategic planning and tactical projects to improve information flow, usage and ROI.

Review the benefits of a FreePint Subscription. Then complete your order online. Mention "FreePint Newsletter 370" in the "comments" box on the order form to receive 10% off your order submitted for any subscription level by 22 March 2013.


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