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See how they measure up - Factiva, LexisNexis and Thomson news services compared in the December issue of VIP. Additionally, find out what virtual information professionals are getting up to in Second Life.



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 Subject-Related Articles

To view an article, replace XXX with the issue number:

81 Aboriginal Australia
169 Accessibility - Web
212 Accessibility
70 Aeronautics and Aerospace
61 Air Transport
41 Archaeology
54 Architecture
164 Artificial Intelligence
144 Asylum
77 Auctions
141 Automotive
118 Balkan Economies
92 Bell Ringing
174 Blogging - Enterprise
183 Bullying
10 Business and Accounting
175 Business Awards
137 Business Continuity
74 Business Info. Portals
164 Business Information Trends
169 Business Information Trends
174 Business Information Trends
180 Business Information Trends
188 Business Information Trends
192 Business Information Trends
198 Business Information Trends
205 Business Information Trends
215 Business Information Trends
106 Business - New
75 Business (SMEs)
78 Careers Information
71 Cash Flow
82 Charities
36 Chemistry
109 Chemistry
57 Chemistry Webzines
176 Child Rights
142 Child Web Access
110 China
202 China
146 China - Companies
125 China - Teaching
99 Climate Change
23 Coffee
101 Communities of Practice
142 Competition Law
35 Competitive Intelligence
65 Competitive Intelligence
182 Competitive Intelligence
197 Competitive intelligence
176 Competitive Intelligence - Consumers
43 Computer Publications
89 Conference Information
24 Consumer Health
205 Consumer Intelligence
116 Content Management
121 Copyleft
140 Copyright
167 Copyright
107 Corporate Portal
141 Corporate Psychology
210 Corporate Wikis
8 Current Awareness
110 Customer Satisfaction
33 Data Privacy
46 Data Protection
149 Data Protection
144 Design
200 Diabetes
146 Digital Preservation
100 Digital Publishing
181 Distance Learning
207 Distance Learning
73 Document Delivery (Euro)
89 Dyslexia
80 E-Books
186 E-Books
81 Economics
167 Education
189 Education - International
217 Electoral cycles
82 Electric Power
42 Electronic Commerce
50 Electronic Communities
22 Electronic Commerce
90 Electronic Health
145 Electronic License Negotiation
62 Employment Law (UK)
7 Engineering
198 Engineering
37 Engineering E-journals
66 Engineering Portals
191 Enterprise Search
32 Environment
172 Ephemera
168 EU Enlargement
74 Europe (Central and East)
39 Europe (Central and East)
170 European Industrial Relations
195 Extreme sports
84 Female Detective Fiction
76 Film and Television
47 Financial Information
206 Financial Information
134 Food - GM
15 Food Industry
131 France
136 Freedom of Information
179 Freedom of Information
137 Genealogy
68 Genealogy and Ancestors
105 Germany Business Info.
192 Germany Business Info.
73 Geology
162 GIS
119 Government - UK
91 Grants
62 GSM, GIS and GPS
67 Handheld Computers
100 Health
126 Health Informatics
178 Health Information
180 Health Information
189 Health Promotion - Workplace
51 Help and Welfare (UK)
84 History of the USA
127 Homeworking
77 Horseracing
51 Househunting (UK)
35 Immigration
92 Information Architecture
220 Information Architecture
171 Information Auditing
17 Information Industry
132 Information Literacy - Corporate
17 Information Products
87 Information Providers
208 Innovation
64 Insurance
147 Insurance
114 International Development
13 Intranet
43 Intranet Toolkits
45 Intranets and Extranets
86 Investment Funds
5 IT
128 IT
216 IT Compliance
124 Job Hunting
210 Job Trends
30 Journalism
218 Knowledge Assets
60 Knowledge Management
71 Knowledge Management
186 Knowledge Management
39 Languages
199 Languages
93 Latin America
111 Law - International
143 Leadership Styles
21 Legal
49 Library and Info Science
130 Library Catalogues
213 Localisation
103 Livestock
27 Management Case Studies
9 Market Research
55 Market Research Agencies
6 Medical
70 Mental Health
204 Mergers and acquisitions
86 Middle East Business
133 Military History
113 Mobile Telephony
24 Modems
59 Museums
48 Music
55 Music - Classical
75 Music - Revolution
108 Netherlands
117 News Agencies
20 News Aggregation
120 Offshore Funds
166 Olympics
209 Open Source
37 Outdoor Information
216 Outsourcing Research
38 Patents
72 Patents
103 Patents
130 Patents
34 Pharmaceutical/ Health
187 Plain English
42 Plastics and Rubber
93 Photography
94 Photography
101 Photo Libraries
56 Political (UK)
58 Portals
140 Product Development
175 Professional Networking
214 Projects
193 Public Relations
67 Puppetry and Animation
216 Quarterly Mailing Autumn 2006
78 Radio
135 Radio
165 Radio Frequency Identification
76 Railways
95 Railways
95 Rankings - Euro & Int
120 Rankings - Euro & Int
150 Rankings - Euro & Int
145 Real Estate
148 Records Management
11 Recruitment Industry
177 Recycling
121 Redundancy & Resignation
149 Re-entry Shock
69 Reflexology
107 Research - Low Budget
136 Risk Management
115 RSI
135 Scenario Planning
12 Science
108 Scholarly Publishing
31 Seniors
211 Small firm research
196 Social Exclusion
18 Statistics
85 Streaming Media & Broadband
68 Surveillance and Privacy
97 Tax
69 Tax (UK)
139 Tax Law
97 Taxonomies
214 Teamwork
127 Television - Archive
131 Toxicology
20 Trade Associations
139 Trade Marks
113 Trade Unions
57 Travel
19 Travel and Tourism
183 Tribunals
173 Usability
212 Usability
178 Youth Trends
112 Video Games
147 Virtual Meetings
79 Voluntary Sector
94 Voluntary Sector
96 Wales
98 WAP & Mobile Internet
88 Waste
50 Water
40 Weather
213 Web Tools
60 Weddings
218 White Papers
219 Wikipedia
104 Wireless for Libraries
96 Women in Business

To view an article, replace XXX with the issue number:

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 Searching Articles

To view an article, replace XXX with the issue number:

172 Advanced Search Techniques using Natural Language Processing
8 A New Light on the Horizon [Northern Light]
185 An Insider's View of Google Answers
118 Answering Quick Reference Enquiries Using Google
208 DocuTicker
45 File finding, file filing
90 Google
88 Images
44 Interview: Reva Basch, Super Searcher
64 Invisible Web
187 Local Search, The Search Engines and Yellow Pages
201 Market Research Services
185 Promoting Information and Search Skills
22 Reverse Psychology - How to find more sites like the ones you love
40 Searching for Mammon - Search engine business models
106 Searching for 'The Daily Me'
72 Search Technology
56 Topics and Collections: An Alternative Metaphor for Using the Web
102 Tracking the Net (Web Site Monitoring Tools)
29 Understanding 'cookies' on the Web
15 Web Slavery - Automating Information Retrieval
111 Weblogs and Blogging - Part 1
112 Weblogs and Blogging - Part 2
202 Web Searches

To view an article, replace XXX with the issue number:

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 Webmaster Articles

To view an article, replace XXX with the issue number:

33 12 Offline Ways of Promoting Your URL
49 Affiliate and Associate Programs
190 Analysing User Behaviour: A Case Study
129 Deep Linking
200 Digital Repositories in UK universities and colleges
91 D.I.Y. Site Design
122 Effective Writing: How Good Copy Can Make Your Information Work Harder
123 Essential Sources for Web Performance Analysis and Improvement
19 First Amongst Equals (Search Engine Placement)
125 Free Pint talks to Jakob Nielsen
215 Harvesting Reliable User Feedback
47 Getting Good References
29 Internet, Copyright and Linking
143 Language Net - The Lasa Multikulti Website
63 Maximising Press and PR Exposure via the Internet
201 MP3s, Podcasts and all that
105 Pay Per Click Search Engines and Promoting your Website
54 Search Engine Promotion
132 Selecting a Content Management System
193 Shifting Platforms - CD to online publishing
66 Surfing the Sludge - Tips on Good Web Page Design
168 The Conundrum that is Online Advertising
11 The International Marketing Power of Domain Names
181 Using A Website To Open Up The Archive
65 Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
177 Website Usability
16 Web Site Marketing - How do they do that?
26 Web Site Promotion Ideas
114 Web Site Usability Resources
124 What Does Well On The Web - A Personal View
34 Who goes there...? - Access Control Issues for Internet-based information services
211 Writing and editing Web sites
138 Writing for the Web
83 XML
63 XML : Perception to Practice

To view an article, replace XXX with the issue number:

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There's a wealth of full-text reports put out by government agencies, NGOs, charities and other public interest organisations. DocuTicker's editors find and post them, putting them at your fingertips.Latest additions:

  • Marijuana Production in the United States (2006)

  • Heavier Responders in Online Survey Research: Professional Panel Management Matters

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     General Articles

    To view an article, replace XXX with the issue number:

    87 2001 - The Internet Election?
    129 8 A's of Information
    13 Access IAC Direct Through InSite Pro
    80 An adventure in ADSL: the Superhighway finally becomes 'super'?
    41 Answering back - the importance of email
    199 Bar Orphans: Getting your questions answered at the FreePint Bar
    134 Being/Becoming a Systems Librarian
    206 Beyond the Library Walls - Establishing an Information Literacy Programme for a Dispersed User Group
    219 Bloggers at Online
    9 But what is it good for?
    203 Can I have a little service here?: Being a great customer and getting what you need from vendors
    36 Cataloging the Internet: The Dublin Core
    26 CD-ROMs and the Web
    133 Dark Horse of libraries: comics, the library and the Internet
    14 Deafblind access to the Web
    25 Delivered to your desktop
    119 Developing a Resource to Support Changing Roles in Health Libraries
    6 Diagnosing Web Problems
    128 Digital Libraries
    48 Digital technology and the telephone line
    165 E-Newsletters: What's the point? And how do you make it?
    7 Fabricating Information - re-using information
    17 Finding information products and services via the Net
    83 Freedom of Information
    28 Free Pint in 1998
    52 Free Pint in 1999
    102 Free Pint In 2001
    122 From Knowledge Economy to Knowledge Ecology?
    188 Future of the Information Profession -- No Time for Introspection
    85 Getting Connected in a Rural Area
    170 How European companies can turn the challenge of environmental regulation into profit
    171 How to Improve your Business Writing
    16 How to run a survey on the Net
    24 How to select and optimise your PC Internet modem
    44 Information overload
    30 Information quality on the Internet
    220 Integration of IT Departments and Libraries
    59 Internet Development in the Middle East
    194 Interview with Steve Borley, winner of the SLA Europe Information Professional Award
    11 Job Hunting on the Net
    217 Librarian 2.0
    203 Low-Profile Regs You Don't Want to Miss: The Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005
    38 Lurking on Lists
    195 Knowledge management for development: an international organisation's perspective
    25 Making it part of your life
    99 Marketing Library and Information Services
    191 Mentoring Independent Information Professionals - A Case Study
    164 Money Laundering new regulations - implications for information provision
    179 New Librarians and Open Positions: Bringing the Two Together
    32 New Library: now comes the action
    46 NUA: A discussion with Gerry McGovern
    58 WWW.OED.COM - A New Home for the Dictionary
    79 Online Business News: A Tale of Boom and Bust?
    53 Online Information - The past and the future
    196 Online Information Conference 2005
    173 Outsourcing Research to India
    53 PanEris: a model for the virtual establishment
    126 Ping, touch, head, tail: or, how to become a systems librarian
    27 Preview of Online Information 98
    138 Professional Qualifications in Information & Knowledge Management
    207 Q&A with Christopher Barger, IBM's Blogger-in-Chief
    182 Ready, Steady, Go! Finding the right time for job hunting
    31 Researching from home
    28 Review of Online Information 98
    52 Review of Online Information 99
    163 Review of the Perfect Learning Conference
    184 Setting Up as an Independent Consultant
    197 Seven Deadly Sins (and Desirable Strategies) for Library Managers
    14 Six Opinions on Internet World UK
    209 Librarian 2.0
    190 Slow Movement
    18 Small is Beautiful: Being a Small Business on the Internet
    150 Taking a look at media information professionals and asking: what makes a successful conference?"
    61 Teaching English as a Foreign Language
    12 The Duffers Guide to 56K Modems!
    123 The Entrepreneurial World of the Independent Information Professional
    23 The Good Times are not about to end, unfortunately
    173 The Open Archive Initiative (OAI) and Google Scholar
    109 The War Against SPAM
    204 Thriving on change: The right stuff for Resilience in an Information Career
    5 Top Five Web Resources of 1997
    21 Tricks with local newsgroups
    184 Two Views of the SLA Conference, Toronto, June 2005
    194 VoIP: Threat or Opportunity to the Market Research Industry?
    104 Winter Olympic Adventures Online
    98 Working in Information in the UK Voluntary Sector
    10 Working the Net
    166 Writing for the Profession

    To view an article, replace XXX with the issue number:

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     Jinfo Articles

    JinfoAll Jinfo articles are available online at:

    123 Down-time career development
    122 Combating Job Burnout
    121 Identifying Job Burnout
    120 Could Job-sharing be the Answer?
    119 Effective Role Transition
    118 My interview experiences
    117 Starting from now
    116 What does your Web site say about you?
    115 The Nature of the Beast
    114 The Emotional Side of Career Transitions
    113 How to leave gracefully
    112 What salary should you be getting?
    111 At the Interview
    110 Job searching under pressure
    109 Charming Recruitment Consultants
    108 Interview day blues
    107 Skills for Records Management
    106 Making it to interview
    105 Rejection handling tips
    104 You don't have to be perfect to be right
    103 Crossing sectorsHow I crossed from one sector to another
    102 CVs that Stand Out
    101 Induction programme
    100 CV Writing Tips
    99 Networking
    98 So now you have to choose some one
    97 Asking for feedback
    96 Putting No.1 First
    95 So you've got a vacancy?
    94 Do You Have any Questions?
    93 Lessons learnt from redundancy!
    92 Taking time out
    91 So You've Got the Interview
    90 First impressions do count?
    89 The Importance of a CV
    88 What Are You Reading?
    87 The Wonderful World of Information
    86 The benefits of mentoring
    85 Continuing Professional Development
    84 Travelling and Working in Australia
    83 What's the job market like?
    82 Do we take our skills for granted?
    81 Presenting Yourself - A Quick Guide
    80 CV's - Don't Do This
    79 Interviews, and How to Survive Them
    78 Recognising Career Opportunities

    All Jinfo articles are available online at:

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