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If you're asking the question:

"How do we demonstrate the value of information services?"

We suggest you're asking the wrong question. Why not ask instead:

"How do we help decision-makers see business differently?"

This is the question we ask to establish common industry practices and understanding of what the best companies do around 'information'.

Information expertise is essential to business success. Our research gives you the knowledge and resources to influence strategy and manage risk.


Research Focus

Each quarter, we frame the core question through a practical examination of common challenges facing organisations today.

Read about the Topic Series: News, and Other Commodities"News, and Other Commodities"
October-December 2015

Examines the tricky question of "value" when applied to news, basic company information, basic "people" information and the like.

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Read about the Research Focus: Strategic Alignment of IS and IT"Strategic Alignment of IS and IT"
January-March 2016

Investigates relationships and collaboration between two business units that are often at odds but need to be aligned.

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Research Topics

We believe that expertise in these three areas underpins success in every organisation, regardless of structure:

FreePint Topic: Sources Sources
Know, compare, manage, negotiate and recommend the right content sources for your organsation.
FreePint Topic: Technology Technology
Align technology and content to achieve organisational goals.
FreePint Topic: Value Value
Maximise the value of information interactions, skills and investments in information, while minimising risks.

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Within each Research Topic, we address a range of Topic Categories like these:

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FreePint Testimonials
"FreePint pulls together everything I need as an information professional. Without FreePint, I would have to go to a number of different places to get the same insight - and for some topics it simply wouldn't be available."
Information Officer, multinational consumer goods manufacturing company

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