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Research: Benchmarking

Controlled Comparisons to Support Better Decisions

Research-based comparative information on staffing, structure, budgets and contract norms are an essential part of informed decision-making. These data can be very difficult to come by.

FreePint conducts research in a number of critical areas, based on customer interest and emerging trends.

All reports are included in a FreePint Subscription. Non-subscribers can get access to specific results by contributing data.

Request information about any benchmarking projects. For a more comprehensive approach to getting value from FreePint, learn about a FreePint Subscription.

  • Information services:
    Provide data through a confidential interview on how information services are managed and delivered within your organisation and receive the FreePint Report: Benchmarking on Information Services. Reports are updated quarterly, and you will receive updated reports as long as you provide data at least once per year. Request information »

  • Buying patterns in specific industries:
    Based on customer requests, we conduct more in-depth benchmarking studies on information services, budgets and priorities in specific industries. Currently underway or available: Legal and Financial Services. Request information »

To talk to me about any aspect of benchmarking,
please Request information »

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

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