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FreePint SubscriptionConvenience Trumps Quality: How Digital Natives Use Information

Wednesday, 4th June 2008 Please login top-right to be able to star items

By Derek Law


With ‘digital natives' beginning to enter the workforce, it's incumbent on information professionals to understand and adapt to their work methodologies in order to maintain relevance. Derek Law posits that this generation's ‘aliteracy' creates an opportunity for information professionals to position themselves as experienced teachers of information literacy.

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Derek Law has worked in several British universities and published an indecently large number of book chapters, articles and conference papers. Most of his work has been to do with the development of networked resources in higher education and with the creation of national information policy. Recently he has worked on the use of wireless technology in developing new methods of teaching and learning. This has been combined with an active professional life in organisations related to librarianship and computing. A committed internationalist, he has been involved in projects and research in over 40 countries.

He was awarded the Barnard prize for contributions to Medical Informatics in 1993, Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1999, an honorary degree by the Sorbonne in 2000, the IFLA medal in 2003 and Honorary Fellowship of CILIP in 2004.

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