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FreePint Volume: Mobile Enterprise Markets and Barriers

Clearly the professional world is moving to greater mobility. Since the introduction of the iPad in 2010, consumer and individual professional use of mobile devices has exploded.

Within the enterprise, however, adoption has been slower. Large organisations need to manage greater risks, larger numbers of devices and users, and competing priorities for IT and content resources. Combined with the still-recovering economy, these forces have prevented speedy or widespread adoption of mobile content on an enterprise-wide basis.

This pair of reports documents the results of FreePint Research. Phase 1 involved in-depth interviews with information strategists at global companies in consulting, law, health care, as well as UK government agencies, learning about their concerns, barriers and even innovations with mobile content. Phase 2 asked knowledge workers what they are currently doing with their mobile devices, as well as what they'd like to do in the future.

"As an additional resource for research-based insight into what's happening in the information industry... provided targeted data and discussion points." -- Brigitte Ricou-Bellan, VP and Managing Director, Dow Jones

"This research has been a key resource in informing the way our company reaches our customers and understands their evolving work habits..." -- Scott Ahlberg, Reprints Desk

Taken together, these two reports present an often-missed view of the growing mobile world: market demand for mobile content wrestling with organisational needs for risk management.

These publications normally sell for £39 each (single site). Purchase together for a 10% discount.

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