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Thursday, 9th September 2010


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  • FIND: Clustering search engines are designed to display and organise search results in logical groups or 'clusters' based on similar traits, which allow the user to select the most relevant groups of search results and quickly home in on specific documents or web pages. Eight clustering search engines are reviewed.

  • USE: These days lots of conversations are taking place on Twitter and there are a number of Twitter alert services you can use, including TweetBeep and Twilert, to find out what people are saying about you, if not actually - and this is the important part - to you. Edinburgh City Libraries have used alerts to answer enquiries, address complaints and find audiences.

  • MANAGE: Twitter started as method of exchanging 'inconsequential' information between individuals but is increasingly being seen as significant communication and marketing tool for organisations, so much so that they should be considering a preservation strategy for their tweets. Marieke Guy looks at why tweets should be preserved and what tools are available.

  • SHARE: It is the seemingly small problems that can irritate us the most and take up a disproportionate amount of time to fix, like not being able to open a file because you have the wrong version of the software, or not being able to send a large file by email because of size restrictions. So these tips from Martin Belam will help to calm those frustrations.

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