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Wednesday, 25th January 2012

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By Robin Neidorf

From the introduction:

"In the Information Age, the most valuable asset an organisation has, after its people, is its information. In fact, a reasonable approach to defining the value of a company is: People x Information = Value. With this equation in mind, it's little wonder that so many organisations are now taking a careful, strategic look at the ways they manage information to increase its value. Just as the movement of money is planned, tracked, and measured, the movement of information bears professional scrutiny."

Highlighted Results

This was the first time FreePint Research brought together various areas of information governance -- records management, IP protection, copyright risk management, etc. -- into a single research project. The insights gained from reviewing these related areas together suggest opportunities for more strategic information governance practice.

  • The most mature areas of information governance tend to be those that have a regulatory or legal framework (e.g., records management, data protection).

  • Different areas of governance are currently managed in a highly siloed environment, with little carry-over of best practices from one area to another.

  • Many organisations are starting to recognise that a more strategic approach, leveraging systems in one area to benefit others, can build greater value for information within the enterprise.

  • Key barriers to this progress, however, include internal culture, lack of maturity in technology solutions, and a strong reliance on human-based systems (e.g., training, self-monitoring) without clear lines of accountability or regular training.

These are only a few of the many insights gathered through this effort.


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