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Information work touches every part of business so we focus on these "must have" topics to contribute to your organisation's strategy and success.

FreePint Topic: Sources

Staying informed and aware about sources for business research

Competitive intelligence, premium and free sources, updates on aggregators, how to use sources

FreePint Topic: Technology

Improving information work by the application of technology

Social and collaborative tools, intranets, knowledge management, mobile, media monitoring, workflow tools

FreePint Topic: Value

Maximising the value of information work and investments

Information services management, information strategy, training, information purchasing

Each of the topics is covered through Topic Categories and Topic Series.

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"FreePint pulls together everything I need as an information professional. Without FreePint, I would have to go to a number of different places to get the same insight - and for some topics it simply wouldn't be available."
Information Officer, multinational consumer goods manufacturing company

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Apr-Jun 2015

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