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Build relationships with the audiences important to your goals, through sponsorship.

If your organisation has a FreePint Subscription at the Enterprise level, you have a credit for up to 6 hours of consulting time per year. Many vendors choose to use this credit towards sponsorships and eblasts, to engage directly with our audience.

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The standard credit covers 1 eblast or 1 content sponsorship slot. Additional eblasts, sponsorships and consulting time can be added to your Enterprise account for a cost. Request more information at any time.

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Your organisation must have a FreePint Subscription at the Enterprise level in order to sponsor. If you are not sure if you have a subscription, please contact us for assistance.

Sponsorship: Can I help?

"If you have questions or comments about sponsorship of FreePint, please contact me."

Ann Marie Plankey
Account Manager, FreePint

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What Sponsors Want to Know

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"FreePint is an excellent media partner for connecting with information professionals who rely on their expert insight, analysis and sponsor information. While I thought I was already sold on FreePint from earlier sponsorship endeavors, the last program we collaborated on solidified everything with a greater than 90% click-through rate!"

- Ian Palmer, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Reprints Desk